Governor of the West is a turn-based game of exploration, resource management, and workeroutlaw placement set in the Old West.

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In Governor of the West you chart a path to victory starting with nothing but the rags on your back. Pick a starting character, explore the West, recruit your gang, build up your town, and ultimately become the Governor!




Unlock Legendary OutlawsRecruit from a motley crew of renegades, thieves, and outlaws. Each character has their own strengths and weakness, so you'll have to adapt your strategy based on who you find!
Explore The WestDifferent settlements, resources, and wildlife populate the procedurally-generated map on which you'll find yourself. Every game is different, and success is not guaranteed.
Race Against TimeYou'll arrive in the West young & healthy, but time is not on your side. Keep a watch on your age, and make sure not to let your youth go to waste!
Manage Your ResourcesRome wasn't built in a day, and neither was Reno. Put your gang to work collecting supplies and gold, and use those resources to build the settlement you'll need to succeed.
Become The GovernorBecome feared across the West by building up your dread, then fight your way to victory by seizing power - or become famous and win an election the old fashioned way.